Rožmitál pod Třemšínem – Brdy

We wanted to complete our exploration of Brdy by covering the southwesternmost part of this mountain range. We visited Rožmitál pod Třemšínem earlier, but never got to the top of Třemšín. So, this was the day to fix that omission.

You can usually park on the square in Rožmitál, but this time all the parking spaces were taken by a huge wedding, so we had to look somewhere else. We found tiny parking next to the restaurant New Romance on Rybova Street. (By the way, this restaurant is excellent with seating on the bank of the large pond, so just in case you are hungry.

Shortly after crossing the main road, you should not miss the tiny “plague cemetery”, where Jan Jakub Ryba, a well-known Czech composer was buried. Most of this E-bike trip goes through the forest, but the part around 3 and 4 is a nice open meadow, which would be our favorite part if it would not ride partly on the stone paving also known as “cat heads style”.

After the popular refreshing point 5 at Míšov, which calls itself “the gate to Brdy”, you will start your climb to Třemšín. Well, climb it is, but still, there is a part that is going downhill on a very narrow and slippery path between 6 and 7.

The climb to Třemšín (point 12) from Třemšínská bouda is very steep and covered with loose stones, making this part pretty tricky both ways – you will have to return the same way – the alternative way from the top is not recommended for bike riding. But definitely, do not skip this part, the view from the top is worth the trouble. After that, it is a smooth ride downhill to the end of the trip in Rožmitál. 40 km, 645 m elevation gain. To see this E-bike trip in context, check our interactive maps.


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