Hinterhermsdorf – Sachsische Schweitz

Another ride through the national park. From Bad Schandau to Hinterhermsdorf and back – this time you will stay on the German side of the border. National Park Saxon Switzerland is almost a carbon copy of Czech Switzerland, but a little more “tourist infested“.

We combined this ride with the ride in Czech Switzerland and we found as a good starting point to stay overnight at a pension “U Jezevce” (At The Badger) in Hřensko. Mrs Vladislava will take a good care of you and if you will mention this blog, she may give you 10% discount for your stay – just call her and do not reserve your stay at booking.com.

And we may call a part of this E-bike trip “the Zen Ride” since it was so peaceful and quiet… We were there early morning before the people reached this part of the park. We are talking about part from point 9 to 11 following gently uphill the quiet stream in the deep green valley. Do not miss the Maria spring and make sure that you taste this super cold natural water (probably healing all your medical and spiritual problems). You can sit right there and meditate for a minute in a complete forest silence.

As you can see from the elevation profile, it is up and down ride, and the only danger is usually at the end of the downhill ride on an asphalt part of the path coming abruptly to a sandy part. And also a part on the regular road from 3 to 4, where you will be riding on a road with railroad tracks embedded into it. Yes, there is a railroad car sharing the road with cars and you – and you never know whether it will come from behind or in front of you.

You will reach the highest point in Hinterhermsdorf where you can take a break and get some refreshment (you need Euros in cash for that, no credit cards work there). If you want to cut the trip short, you can turn back in point 10, but then you would be cutting short the best part of this E-bike trip.

https://en.mapy.cz/s/bajatusaho 39 km 715 m elevation gain. To see this E-bike trip in context, check our interactive maps.

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