Testing Lectric Foldable E-bike

Well, we say testing, but we actually bought it. So, testing is over, we own it. And it is pretty cool… Lectric is not a typo, it is really the name of the company. They are based in Phoenix, Arizona, and when you want to see the bike before you buy it, you have to go there. And we had to go there anyway, so we were like – OK, we probably will not be excited about this bike, but it was so cool that we bought it on the spot.

And we are not sorry yet. But, of course, it is not a perfect e-bike – it has its limitations. For going on a single track in the desert we would choose a real mountain bike, but even this one made it – of course, we hit the pedal every now and then since the wheels are much smaller than we are used to. The first test was around Hanksville, Utah, on a regular dirt road – these foldables handled it without a problem. The second run on single tracks in Goblin Valley National Park with lots of deep sand and rocks was a little challenging.

On a town bike path in Ogden, Utah, it behaved perfectly. And back in Montana, it had no problem riding in two inches of snow. It was a simple task to fold it and put it in the back of our car (Subaru Forester) for the 2,000 miles back to MT. We will probably find some more problems soon, but up to now the only criticism is a way to lock and unlock the battery at the bottom of the frame – we could not figure out the reason for placing the lock in the location where you cannot see what you are doing…

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