Hrubý Jeseník, Moravia-Silesia

For the exploration of Hrubý Jeseník we selected the village Branná as our base. Our accommodation was in the castle Kolštejn (founded at 1325). The castle has a mix of gothic style but is mostly chateau like. It had gone through at least 14 different owners in 600 or so years. Both nights we hadContinue reading “Hrubý Jeseník, Moravia-Silesia”

Beskydy – Šance Dam

The Beskydy Mountains are also known as the Beskid Mountain or Beskids for short.  This is a massive mountain range (outer part of the Carpathians) that covers 600 km in length and crosses from Poland to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the Ukraine. The area we wanted to explore is about a 6 hour driveContinue reading “Beskydy – Šance Dam”

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