Adršpach, Eastern Bohemia

Adršpach is a small village in the North Eastern part of Czech Republic bordering with Poland. We parked at the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks Nature preserve and paid to walk among these very unusual sandstone rocks. It did not disappoint us with the massive stones. You don’t need more than two hours to visit the park and you should walk in a one way loop through the “Skalní město” (Stone town). There is a boat trip available inside the park on the lake which we didn’t do. There is also a second park nearby with similar features called Teplické Skály. It is a relatively small and popular area with plenty of visitors. So try to avoid weekends and holidays.

This area was famous for being a location for the Chronicles of Narnia film. There is a bust statue of Johann Wolfgang van Goethe, the most famous German poet who visited the rocks in 1790.

After we walked through, we biked a 21k route ( around this natural protected area on a dirt road going through the forests and some hay fields. Much of the forest is closed to the public due to rehabilitation of the area. The only comment about this ride may be the point 2 from which you can overlook the sandstone formations from the distance to appreciate the size of this bizzare piece of land.

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