Králický Sněžník, Northern Moravia

One of the most enjoyable rides was in Králický Sněžník, a natural mountain park in northern Moravia. We found a very small parking lot on the side road in the village of Velká Morava belonging to the penzion and restaurant, Horal. It is advisable to ask them for permission to park, but if you promise that you will have lunch there, they are happy to let you park. The first part of the ride is a long uphill ride to point 4. After that you will be rewarded by a long gentle descent to the valley of the river Morava. The nicest part of the trip is the long basically flat road from 4 to 7 which follows the contour line and offers views at the wide panorama of this mountain range. At point 5 you may decide to visit „the path in the clouds“ – structure. Unfortunately it is visible from far away and not exactly helping the feeling of being in the middle of pristine nature. Luckily after point 6 you will not be able to see it again.

The ride covers about 32 km with elevation gain of about 700 m and you may use about 50% of your battery capacity.

Map is here:

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