Lanžhot, Southern Moravia

The goal of this ride was to get to the corner where three countries are connected – Czechia, Slovakia, and Austria – at the beginning of the last century there were no borders and it was just an Austro-Hungarian empire. Well, right now it is just European union.

A convenient start of the ride is the parking lot next to the church in Lanžhot. The first stop at point 2 is at a renovated castle, Pohansko, in an area where people were settling already in 9th century. Unfortunately, we arrived after pretty strong rains and our plan was thwarted by flooding over the bike path. First couple of flooded areas were just fun to ride through in the hot weather as you can see on this

video, but later it was too deep for electric bikes. Having a normal bike, we would have definitely reached our target. We were only less than a kilometer away from our target but had to reroute a return. The map presented here. however, is the original plan, which we believe is a nice loop exploring this area of „lužní les“ (wet forest). Besides the unfortunate flooding situation, part of the Moravská stezka (point 4 to 5) was closed for the cyclists. If you want to shorten your trip, you can cut it from point 5 to point 9.

So, if you manage to ride according to this map , let us know about it.

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