Brdy, Central Bohemia – Stožec

Stožec peak is only 635 meters and if we weren’t looking for a geocache we might have missed it. As a starting point we selected the parking lot at the top of the Brdy range. You should be there early morning during weekends to get a spot since many bikers and hikers start here.

This 32k ride was probably the most interesting ride in the Brdy Mountains according to Michal. He liked to see the edge of what was once a rocket defence military installation. Two rockets were always ready to be fired at the targets at the “west”. The goal of the soldiers stationed here was to get ready and fire all 35 rockets in 30 minutes after firing the first two since it was not expected that the station would survive longer than that… So much of history…

But you would have to be ready for some borderline stuff if you want to see the installation today. After passing the top of Stožec (point 6) the asphalt road will lead you to the entrance to the military area. Just before reaching the gate the tiny path will turn right and follow the area along the concrete wall. The dogs inside will start barking and will continue for quite a while. Close to the point 7 you may make a mistake and follow the broken fence on the outer side – this will lead you on the VERY DANGEROUS path on slippery slope where you will have a hard time to just walk your bike. However, if you enter inside the broken wire fence and follow the concrete wall very closely, you may be biking most of the way. And yes, you will be able to get out at the end of the concrete wall. Also, pay attention to the barbed wire… And at point 9 you will have to climb over fallen tree. Was that enough warning?

So, if this is too sketchy for you, you can follow red tourist mark from Stožec crossing (6) to Třebízského dub (point 10). But another warning – this part of red trail is very stony and requires some skill to ride it – you can also walk the most challenging parts.

Part of the ride from point 3 to 5 is one of the nicest rides in Brdy – you will be following a contour line through quite steep slope covered by mixed forest.

From point 11 you will enjoy long ride down just to be ready to be ready for a climb back to the end. Since the trip was a short one we were able to enjoy no stress on battery usage with Michal having 49% remaining and Polly had 62%.

We do recommend this area for hiking and in particular looks like a great place to come back and hunt for mushrooms as we passed several people with huge baskets full even late in the day.

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