Brdy loop ride

This time we wanted to ride our favorite stretch of Brdy circle in the opposite direction then earlier. When you start from very convenient parking at the Mníšek castle, you may be tempted to take your refreshment in the bakery/sweet shop Jarolímek even before you jump on your bike. At the beginning you will ride the road along the highway D4, but after passing through Chouzavá, you will be in the forest all the rest of your trip. Part from point 4 to 5 is pretty steep uphill, and some bikers riding in the opposite direction are going very fast. So, pay attention to those kamikaze riders.

After riding on top of Brdy range from point 5, you will be going downhill and you should pay attention not to miss the turn to the left at point 6. Our favorite piece of the ride is the part from 6 to 7 where the path is traversing steep slope with dense forest on both sides. From point 9 you can follow the nice bike path, or, if you want to have a little ride through the forest on the barely visible path, you can turn from the asfalt path to the point 10 and follow the map up to point 14. The baroque complex Skalka area is quite popular and you may see a lot of tourists there.

If you would like to have lunch on this trip, we can recommend roasted Hermelín in Na Čunčí u Dernerů (point 8). At the end you can visit Mníšek castle and finally get something at the bakery or any of many restaurants in Mníšek. 36 km, 583 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

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