Modřany – Dolní Břežany

This ride is obviously one of the earlier ones that we did not report yet. You can tell by the pictures of ripe “mirabelky”, which you can find everywhere around here in the summer. Rather a short loop which can be done easily after work in the evening in about an hour. If you will not find parking at the starting spot on the map, you can find several parking places one block north of there. First, you will follow along quite a busy highway, but very shortly you will cross under it and enter a long slightly uphill ride through the natural park Modřanská rokle. A little bit after the climb onto the small dam you will have a choice at point 2 to turn right and follow the blue tourist mark along Písnický potok, or follow bike path A21 to Libuš.

After passing through Libuš you will be riding along the open fields crossing the highway via the overpass and arriving in Dolní Břežany. This village is becoming a hub for modern technologies and as you could see it is growing pretty fast. You will be passing along a very modern school on the right and a very modern new graveyard on the left. If you visited some graveyards in Prague, you should give a quick peek at this one. It actually received a national architectural prize in 2017.

At point 7 you can decide to visit Archbishop Altan about 250 m to the left. From there you will have a nice view of Vltava river. Soon after point 7, the steep descent to the river level will start. You should be very careful here, especially at the very end. After a short part on the road, you will enter bike path A2 which will bring you back to the start. This part can be pretty busy with bikers, rollerskaters, and pedestrians, especially on the weekends. , 21 km, 212 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.


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