We returned here to check how this ride will be in the autumn and not in the winter when ice covered the slopes… And we modified the previous ride which started from Jílové.

Start was at the small parking lot at Chotouň, usually busy during the ski season, but the temperature climbed to almost 20 C, quite unusual for the end of October. Ride was quite muddy at the beginning, but reasonably pleasant. We were commenting about this area in the above-given links, so there is not much to add. We had lunch at the restaurant U Vrtišků, in Týnec nad Sázavou, which does not look like much, but the food is home-made and the people there are extremely nice. At point 4 pay attention to the kindergarten and its wall decoration. You may also spot some wood sculptures in Týnec, some of them shown in the pictures below.

You should visit the viewpoint at 5 and contemplate the idea that the valley under you is planned to be filled with industrial and communal refuse by company tied to Russian investors. Just think about that and your blood can start boiling…

If you ride with our map this weekend (29.10.2022), you may have to use an alternative path from 2 to 3, since the mapped path is completely blocked by construction. Go back to 2 and follow train tracks – very scary path, but rideable… 27 km, 450 m elevation gain. To see these rides in context, check our interactive maps.

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