Hlavenec and Lake Lhota

This ride can be called “Mirabelky circle” (“Yellow plum circle”). This is the time when mirabelky (or špendlíky in Czech) are ripe and unbelievably plentiful. They are found everywhere along the roads and paths. And apparently nobody is picking them. It is true that they have relatively large ratio of pit to the meat, but they taste so good… They are used mostly for making jam or fermenting to make strong drinks. So definitely stop at least in one place and taste them. You cannot miss them – see the title picture.

We started the trip in Hlavenec, a small village known for the memorial to Karel VI, which we have visited in our earlier trip. You can see the work of Matyáš Broun at point 2. You will be riding on nice forest roads and between fields with short sections of the regular roads from Mečeříž to Horní Slivno and Dřísy to Lhota. There is no part where mountain bike would be required, but it is preferable.

Do not miss a stop at point 8, unofficially called “Fernetova ulice”. If you stop here, you will understand the name. The story was even published in a newspaper, the copy of which is attached on the fence. But the main attraction of this trip is the visit to swimming holes. The first opportunity to bathe “clothing optional” is at the lake Las Vegas at point 12. This spot is much less known than the lake Lhota, where nude beach is officially sanctioned. If you would like to avoid paying entrance fee and big crowds, come during the week, or very early morning. You can ride around the lake from 14 to 16. Half of the lake is textile and the other half is bare body.

https://en.mapy.cz/s/gakarebepo 35.5 km 279 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

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