Mšec and Nové Strašecí

Very relaxing trip through the “hop country”. Convenient point to start the loop is a large parking space in Mšec. We have chosen that village for a nostalgic reasons: Michal worked in Mšec during his high school studies on the “hop picking brigade”. What was happening during these brigades was very well depicted in a Czech “cult” movie “Starci na chmelu” (in English “Green Gold”). You can (and should) see this movie on Netflix.

This trip will lead you on a mix of roads with very different surfaces – from perfect bike paths to very bumpy field connectors. Any bike can be used, but MTB is clearly preferred. No part of the trip is challenging your riding skills. You will be riding along many ponds, through forests and between fields with different crops – from pumpkins to hops…

Special note should be given to the place where you can get good food and special drinks. Pizzeria “Sedmý schod” in Řevničov is operated by Filip Hrnčíř, one of the most enthusiastic business owner we ever met. We tested his food and can recommend it to anybody. His beer selection is also something to check… However, pizzeria is open only Wednesday to Saturday, so plan your visit appropriately.

https://en.mapy.cz/s/hazajozamu 41 km 310 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

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