Karlova Ves – Crazy ride

We decided to explore the last piece of Křivoklátsko area which was missing from our collection. And from the map, it seemed like a nice short ride with a little questionable piece, which could have been easily avoided. In our experience, when the map says “Entry of bicycles prohibited” it does not mean anything in reality – there is no post saying so and from the tire marks, it is usually a pretty well-used path. Not in this case. Even though there was not a big sign at point 3, where the red map marking started, it was obvious after point 4 that this path is not meant for bikes. We were thinking that “this was the last fallen tree which we just had to climb over”, but we were wrong. Eventually, we stopped counting the fallen trees and we made it through. After point 5 the rest was bikeable and we were happy that we had E-bikes, since the climb was pretty steep. So you should probably avoid this part of the “ride”, even though the valley gave us a spectacular show. And, maybe, we were the only crazy ones who made it through with bikes. You may cut to the right at point 3 and join the path at point 7. We did not check this part for you, so no guarantees.

You will experience a lot of downhill rides and uphill climbs and at two points you may get pretty close to the Berounka river, at points 11 and 15. You should not miss point 15, Memorial hall of Ota Pavel, a famous Czech writer, who loved this place. And after you visit it, you will love it too.

At the start of your trip, you cannot miss “The building”. If you ever visited Elvis’ Graceland, you may get the impression that Elvis is alive and started something in this tiny Czech village.

https://en.mapy.cz/s/cafokejuze 26 km, 730 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

2 thoughts on “Karlova Ves – Crazy ride

  1. Hello baterkari, tak to jste si trochu nabehli😄. Nekdy se to stane, zejmena tem, co byli v pionyru😄. I my jsme vedeli, ze ta krajina je tam uzasna. Zvolili jsme ale podle vrstevnic okruh mezi Zloukovicemi, Racicemi, Karlovsi a Novym Jachymovem. Uzasny. Pro kola snadno sjizdny. Nedotknute lesy. Lesni cesty jak v pohadce.

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