Brdy Loop from Kytín

It is this time of the year again when you can stop almost anywhere to pick and taste the blackberries or yellow or red mirabelles. This loop through Brdy will give you many opportunities to binge on these fruits.

We started this ride in the tiny parking lot in Kytín, next to the brewery-restaurant Kytín. Besides the brewery, Kytín is famous for being the place where lived Kája Mařík, the fictional hero of the series of books by Felix Háj. Kája Mařík actually has a wood-carved statue in Kytín.

You will first climb to the Hřebenová cesta (red tourist mark) on the top of Brdy range. Up to the point 2 it is quite busy biking and walking path, especially on the weekends. However, after the sharp turn at point 2, you may not meet any tourists all the way to point 9. You have to pay attention at crossing the highway between points 4 and 5. The spring at point 7 was quite disappointing – we usually try the spring water on our trips, but this one we strongly warn about! Between points 8 and 9 you will face a steep climb uphill where you will appreciate your E-bike functions. At point 9 you will have a choice to follow a red tourist mark to point 14, or to check your mountain biking skills trying to navigate a narrow path between roots and big stones between points 10 and 11. If you would succeed and would like to have a break, we can recommend the buffet Na Čunčí to have a quick refreshment or a perfect lunch (point 14). If you take your refreshment there and mention this blog, they may give you 10% discount…

After point 15, you will be climbing up again to Stožec, one of the tops of Brdy. After that point, you will enjoy a long ride down to Chouzavá. There you may look at a nice log cabin at point 17. And between Chouzavá and Kytín you should probably stop at one of the mirabelle trees and have some of these delicious fruits. Back in Kytín you may rest for a minute in these two concrete armchairs at the shore of the local pond before you visit the local brewery. , 35 km, 629 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

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