Mirošov, Brdy

This was one of the nicest rides in Brdy. Well, most of the rides in Brdy are pretty pleasant, even in winter. But sometimes you can get into tricky situations even here… We started in Mirošov and took a little detour through Dobřív, where you can visit the unique technical rarity – vodní hamr (water-powered hammer workshop). After crossing road 117 you will ride through Strašice, where a lot of my friends spent their mandatory military service years. If you want to experience the feeling of military service during the communist times in Czechoslovakia, you may look up the movie Tankový Prapor (Tank Batallion), which was shot very close to this location.

From point 4 almost up to point 11, you will be riding uphill on nice forest roads. You should not miss the look at the památný strom (veteran tree) at point 10. Very close to that tree is a very clever geocache – if you are not familiar with that game, you can find the rules here.

From point 11 you will be going basically downhill and the last part from Skořice will be on the regular road. If you would be hungry at this point, you may stop at the pub U Kozlerů, which we are happily recommending. If you show them this blog, they will give you a 10% discount on your bill. And they have draft Kofola, of course.

https://en.mapy.cz/s/dapapazove 43 km, 555 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

One thought on “Mirošov, Brdy

  1. Tyhle Brdy 40 km od Prahy jsou Šumava. Úchvatný. Jezdíme 2 okruhy. Trochu východněji. Severní z Obecnice a jižní z Lázu. Každoroční paráda. Spousta zajímavostí. Pěkně do kopce s kopce😀.

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