If you would follow us to this UNESCO town, you should as well ride through the “town biking circle”. It is a rather short trip, but it would show you both old and modern parts of the town as well as the surrounding nature trails. The list of interesting points to visit in Třebíč is quite long, so we will give you just this internet site link.  However, the most significant is the old Jewish cemetery, the UNESCO world heritage site. This site is so different from the Old Jewish cemetery in Prague and actually from any cemetery anywhere. The location on the steep slope makes you think about the process of burying people here. And, definitely, it is a photographer’s paradise.

We started the trip at the “secret” parking lot where you pay only 30 Kc for the whole day. Everywhere else the parking is quite steep. So, the first stop is at number 2, the cemetery. Entrance is free and you will probably not see anybody in the place (at least we were completely alone). Don’t take just a quick look, go to the very end of the cemetery and return following the lower wall. The best light is in the mid-afternoon when the sun is just above the horizon looking from the bottom of the slope.

The next point we mark (3) is the biker’s joy park, where you can try your skills at jumping on your bike. For some reason, probably we did not have time to visit the local hospital, we did not try that. From point 4 at the beautiful lake Lubí, you will be riding through Ptáčkovský žleb, a nice park following a small stream. From point 5 it seems like you would be riding on the highway, but there is a nice bike path along it. After crossing the highway over the bridge, you will enjoy riding through another nice park. And another park ride from point 7 will bring you to the banks of the Jihlava river with the view of the Basilica of Saint Procopius, another UNESCO heritage site. After crossing the river at point 10 you will be meandering through the Jewish quarter, which survived centuries. This quarter faced the greatest danger actually during the communist regime when it was supposed to be razed down and replaced by “paneláky”, prefabricated high-rise buildings. Luckily, the town of Třebíč did not get the money needed for the construction and after 1989, the value of this old part of the town was finally recognized. Then, a flood came bringing good luck to the Jewish town. It was renovated and now is the top tourist destination. However, there are no hoards of tourists as in other UNESCO places like Český Krumlov or Prague.

We stayed a couple of days in a rental place in the Jewish town and enjoyed the quietness of the surroundings and the closeness of the Hotel Kocour (means tomcat) with an excellent kitchen. And, of course, we had to make another ride close by around the Dalešice lake.

https://en.mapy.cz/s/hunurubuvu 15.2 km, 226 m elevation gain. To see these rides in context, check our interactive maps.

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