While you are visiting Třebíč, the UNESCO world heritage site, you may also consider a ride along the Dalešická přehrada, one of the best places for boating and all kinds of water sports in Czechia. The dam of this lake is the highest in Czechia and the second highest in Europe. Water from the lake is used for supplying the nuclear power plant Dukovany and serves also as the hydropower for generating electricity during high demand and storing the energy by pumping the water back during oversupply of the power from the Dukovany.

We started the ride in the village of Vladislav in a tiny parking lot in front of the sweet shop (cukrárna) Městečko (A little town). After a little tricky uphill ride from 2 to 3, you will go through fields on a reasonable dirt road. Another tricky part between 4 to 5 you can avoid by going from Koněšín to Kozlany using a regular road. We were quite lucky in the village of Třesov where we arrived just after a local fair ended and there were some decorations still hanging everywhere. The regular road will bring you to point 9. There, at point 7, is an electric bike charging station! However we did not figure out when it is available, so don’t bet on being able to charge here. After point 9 you will be crossing the Dalešická dam (see above).

At point 11 you will have a chance to break your trip and visit the brewery Dalešice for lunch or just a taste of the local beer. This brewery is quite famous, the popular movie “Postřižiny” was filmed here. The brewery restaurant houses some reminders of this movie, the most prominent is the bicycle used by the heroine of the story played by Magda Vašáryová. The title picture of this blog shows the keg with the quote from the movie, which is known by any Czech person: “Are you bored? Buy a teddy bear raccoon!”

From point 13 to 14 you will be riding through a nice forest using a well-maintained forest road. A part of the trail from 14 to 17 is another tricky stretch to navigate. At the end of the trip, you may consider visiting the cukrárna Městečko.

https://en.mapy.cz/s/bosanegova 49.2 km 768 elevation gain. To see these rides in context, check our interactive maps.

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