Želízy – Kokořínsko

This is the E-bike ride for people who already know Kokořínsko and want to see it from a little different perspective. If it is your first visit, pick one of several rides we already reported here or especially the long one described here.

We started on a parking lot operated by Mrs. Šimůnková, just because she was a delight to chat with. She works a paid private parking lot, but you don’t have to pay for parking in Želízy, there is a number of other opportunities to leave your car.

Up to a point 5 you will be riding along a border of protected area Kokořínsko. The highlights of this part are a view of electric power station Mělník and the chapel dedicated to the memory of count Clary who was murdered at that spot in the year 1720 (point 4). After a long ride down from Brocno (5) to Chudolazy (6), you may have a lunch at the restaurant “U červených vrat“, where they will give you discount if you mention this blog. You can actually use this place as a starting point to explore Kokořínsko – they will give you a good deal on the room here.

Ride from 9 to 10 is probably the most challenging – the path was obviously used by heavy machinery. At point 10 you will turn onto a regular road downhill going between impressive sandstone formations. At point 15 you can just follow the regular road to point 17, but to make it more interesting go to point 16 and turn left to follow almost invisible little path downhill to point 17. You will be riding between nicely maintained “chalupy” – weekend cottages of the town people.

When you arrive to point 18, your uphill E-bike ride is over. From here it is downhill between stone formations on both sides all the way to your car. Besides naturally formed sandstone you may explore the places where people lived or built houses by carving them out of stone. You can also visit the famous carvings of Devil’s heads (Čertovy hlavy) – a short walk from the parking lot.

https://en.mapy.cz/s/penunezosa 35 km, 495 m elevation gain. To see this E-bike trip in context, check our interactive maps.

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