Josefův Důl – Jizera Mountains

We found a good parking spot for this E-bike trip loop in front of the hotel Peklo (Hell). And it could be the best characterization of the starting climb to the top of Jizerské hory, or the very last 800m of the ride. Anyway, with the electric bike it is doable, but I would like to see anybody riding from point 14 to finish on a regular bike. You can start anywhere in the valley of Josefův Důl and pick a climb to the point 3 using bike path 3020, 3022, 3019, or you can combine this trip with our earlier visit to Protržená přehrada (Broken dam), which we described earlier and make your trip more challenging.

At point 2 you will find a cool refreshment spot Na Knejpě which will fulfill any needs you might have after a long ride uphill. This spot seems to be very popular with bikers and is open most of the days of the year, serving cross country skiers in the winter. From there you will be riding almost all the time downhill back to the Josefův důl where you started.

You should not miss the point 4, “Krásná Máří”, beautiful viewpoint on the edge of the cliff. You can contemplate here how flat is Poland and guess whether you could see Baltic Sea from there if the Earth was flat (as some people still believe – See The Flat Earth Society). And you cannot miss the view of the huge smoking chimneys from the power plant beyond the border.

At point 7 of your E-bike trip you will be passing another refreshment point Nová Louka (New Meadow), originally a hunting lodge of Clam-Gallas family. Now called Šámalova chata serves as a fancy lodging for visitors of Jizerské hory. You will also see the new dam supplying drinking water to this area at point 8 and a little chapel repurposed to serve snacks to tired tourists at point 9.

If you are a daredevil, or super skilled biker, you can use the red marked tourist path from point 12 to 13. This path is really challenging and I ended walking the bike downhill for parts of it. 28 km, 492 m elevation gain. To see this E-bike trip in context, check our interactive maps.

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