For this E-bike trip you can use a train connection to Milovice from Praha Masarykovo nádraží. The trip takes about 40 minutes and you can start your ride there on the map point 22. The strange construction there is the automated bicycle storage, where you can leave your bicycle 24 hours for 5 Czech crowns.

Milovice is the town which was used (and badly abused) by russian military during their stay in Czechoslovakia for 20 years after their invasion in 1968. (Let’s hope that they will be kicked out from their latest invasion to Ukraine much faster!) Several reminders of their stay can be still found here – for example a tankodrom, where you can ride in or even drive an armored vehicle or a real tank – quite an experience.

Another interesting point is an amusement park Mirakulum, which is actually much better than any Disneyland in the world which we visited, and if you are riding with kids, the visit is a must.

Riding around Milovice is easy and regular bike would be fine. The only nuisance is the riding on a cobblestones for a part of this path. Before arriving at point 10, you may be wondering what this big hill on the right hand side is all about and why it smells so bad. If you want to study that up close, you can go to point 9 and see the hill built from the all kinds of waste up close.

At point 11 you will see (if you are lucky) a herd of wild horses and some European bisons (Zubr evropský) in Natural Reserve Milovice.

Another interesting point is 12, where you can see people on motocross bikes practicing their skills or actually racing. And if you are into geocaching, you should stop at 14 and try to find the one close to that point. 15 to 16 you can go straight if you want to give your mountain bike some exercise. Otherwise just follow the blue tourist mark to point 16. The rest of this E-bike trip will lead you through the forest and on cobblestone paved roads back to Milovice. 30 km, 250 m elevation gain. To see this E-bike trip in context, check our interactive maps.

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