Modrava/Poledník (west loop)

This is the E-bike trip idea which you can combine with some of our other trips in Šumava, especially with the Modrava east loop. The total would be just over 60 km, totally doable on an electric bike. We stayed at hotel Modrava so it made sense to do this trip with our visiting family in two pieces, since for them this was the first biking of the year.

Starting point is marked at the entrance of the rental place Modrava which will take care of your needs in case you don’t bring your E-bike (and if you mention this blog, you will get 10% discount). However, it is advisable to reserve your rental couple days ahead of your arrival.

Up to point 3 you will be riding along wood transportation canals built in 1800 and declared national cultural monument in 2014. This part of the Šumava navigation canal system was used up to the year 1962. After climbing to point 4, you can make a little side trip to Tříjezerní slať  (three-lake marsh), the smallest of the strictly protected marshes of Šumava.

Visit to Poledník will show you most instructively the damage of the Šumava forests caused by the kůrovec (bark beetle), combined with the industrial pollution and stronger than normal winds. The situation is best described here. Poledník structure was originally built for the military, but nowadays it is an information center and the view tower.

On your way back to Modrava you will be riding through our favorite valley of Šumava, the valley of Roklanský potok. So, stop, sit down and enjoy the peacefull scenery, before arriving back to civilization – the Brewery hotel and restaurant at point 10. From its balcony you can enjoy the view of walloping kangaroos across the stream of Roklanský potok while sipping the locally brewed Lyer beer. 33 km, 442 m elevation gain. To see this E-bike trip in context, check our interactive maps.

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