Checking HOLKA, the new bridge in Prague

Opening the new bridge anywhere is a big deal. So, we were not surprised that the traffic on the new pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Prague was super busy this Saturday. And, yes, it is perfectly placed on our favorite loop through Prague neighborhoods. And it is named appropriately Holka (means a girl in Czech), because it connects HOLešovice and KArlín… You will meet Holka at point 4 and again at 22 on the way back.

We made a couple of alternative choices of our loop and we were lucky to be able to take a break for a heavy downpour in the minibrewery Beznoska (point 7), where you can taste an interesting selection of beers with funny names as Beznoska, Bezopice, Diktát Bruselu, Kripl, Čertik Bertik… Strongly recommended!

At point 5 you should definitely stop and appreciate probably the largest mural in Prague – it is hard to miss. And you cannot miss the supersized statue made by Michal Cimala at point 6. Another interesting points are located on the road around point 9 – very temporary (legal/illegal) houses placed directly on the street.

Stretch 11 to 12 is rideable for anybody, but 12 to 14 require very high attention and we recommend rather walk/ride this piece. At 19 you will enter the first tunnel and at point 21 the second tunnel. Ride the second tunnel only when the pedestrian traffic is light, please. 26 km, 355 m elevation gain. To see this E-bike trip in context, check our interactive maps. (For learning about the Prague neighborhoods, check the video created by our friend, the famous video blogger Jen of Prague.)

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