Longest Suspension Bridge in the World

Well, they say it is the longest suspension bridge. So, we had to check it. It is in the area of Kralický Sněžník where we did ride before and did not even notice that anything like that was being constructed. And it is impressive – and completely useless – well, if you consider the fact that it is making money to the owners, it is probably not that useless. Just imagine a bridge which you can cross only one way and then walk around to get where you just entered the bridge in the first place.

You can start the bridge visit from the town of Horní Morava, but it would be too easy. So we decided to start in Hynčice pod Sušinou, where we found a reasonable hotel Sněženka (with the oldest linden tree in Moravia in front of it). And this was one of the most challenging rides. You can shorten it in number of points and save yourself a lot of climbing, but the full ride is 45 km long with a substantial elevation gain, so you should be very frugal with using your battery. And, do not even think about doing this with the regular bike – mountain bike is a must.

You start at the parking lot as high as you can get in Hynčice. You can cut your ride in half right there and go the shortest way to point 4. But if you are ready for a little torture, you take the longer way around the hill to Stříbrnice and climb from there using a major road to point 3. There you will enter the forest and stay in it for the rest of this bumpy E-bike trip. The worst part of the trip is a uphill struggle on a very challenging part 4 to 5. You will have to climb under two fallen trees – it is probably possible to climb over them, but we did not try that – sliding under was an easier task.

If you don’t feel like finishing the whole thing, you have two options – at point 7 you can take a shortcut to point 11 – but this will result in not visiting the bridge! Another place where you can save quite a bit of climbing is at point 9. After walking across the bridge you walk back to 9 and return to point 7 going in the opposite direction. There you go to point 11 and continue from there.

https://en.mapy.cz/s/nubehoduku 45 km 1067 m elevation gain. To see this E-bike trip in context, check our interactive maps.

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