Lázně Jeseník and Rychlebské Hory

This E-bike trip could be called Raspberry ride, because they were everywhere… And no people for most of the ride. So, plenty raspberries for us (and you, if you follow us there quickly).  Well, we saw people, but they were riding different bike paths. As you can see from the map, there is a lot of downhill rides (Rychlebské stezky) with creative names and various difficulties, the most challenging being “Prokletý” (“Cursed”), obviously only for very advanced daredevils.

You may start at the high point above Lipová lázně at a tiny parking lot next to the train station. You can visit the caves just a short way downhill on the left. After you enter the forest at 2, you will be in the forest for a long time. And as soon as you see a little opening, don’t forget to look for raspberries. You may visit a tiny lake at point 3. After point 5 you may meet some of the downhill riders and contemplate how can they do that without killing themselves.

At point 7 you will find an old abandoned “adrenalin park” and at point 8 you will understand why it was abandoned – the new park looks much better. Here, at the ranch Orel (Eagle), you can have a nice break with Kofola and fried goat cheese and you can also charge your bike. You may need that, since after 8 you will be riding uphill for a bit.

After taking a stroll in Lázně Jeseník, the balneology spa, founded by Vincenz Priessnitz (very interesting personality) who founded the first hydrotherapy center and hydrotherapy institute in the world here. You can taste some of the 80 mountain spring waters here, each with a different composition and flavor. After Jeseník you will face no climb all the way to the finish.

https://en.mapy.cz/s/danevebube  33.5 km, 800 m elevation gain. To see this E-bike trip in context, check our interactive maps.

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